To really get the full impact of what I want to say in this series you will need to read the stories in sequence, although they do stand out on their own. The journey of discovery is what I am focusing on in this series.

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Crafting the actions - once you have finished defining what you want, you must then come up with the action plan to employ to reach that goal. What tools do you need? What communication mediums to you have to use? How much will it cost you, if any? Should you concentrate you marketing solely on social media, or should you augment your campaign with email marketing or even telemarketing? These are just some questions you ought to answer.

Check out the bands you're playing with, too. Ask them to be honest about what their draw is, and let them know that you don't have a following there and will need as much help promoting as possible. Send them flyers to put up.

Promote like a family - if you notice the Kardashian's marketing efforts, everyone is involved. You can also do that as well, by encouraging your employees to promote your business to others as well. The more employees you have that act as brand ambassadors, the better your company's marketing efforts will go.

Train your sales team. If your sales teams are not meeting the sales goals of the company, you can go ahead and conduct training session to improve their selling skills. Start by knowing their areas of opportunities so you'll know what areas you need to focus on. You may watch them in action or record their conversation with clients (if you are selling through telemarketing) to easily figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Teach them the skills they need, offer them with relevant information and assistance, and coach them so they'll become better on what they do.

For instance, last week, I got two different calls from my cell phone Hørsholm telemarketing provider, Nextel. Both were callers for whom English was probably a fourth language and they immediately were trying to push new services on me. No „hi, how are you,“ no handshake, no kiss.

Mr. Lee Escobar has a certain character when he gets his message across. He vehemently told us that in order to succeed at what you do, you must do back breaking work. I am a great believer in hard work but sometimes, no matter how hard you work, there is not just an opportunity in every place you work for. Lee said that the same in any venture, you have to work hard to achieve your dreams and goals, since you have no one to be accountable to but yourself.

Once the website is off the floor, it's time for the sales lead generation guys to step in. They will have to promote the website on the internet. Since we are dealing only with the non-voice lead generation process here, the marketing of the website has to be done online only. The BPO agents have to study and understand the technicalities of search engines. Call centers sometimes hire trainers to get themselves on the right knowledge page to handle such a project. Search engine optimization (SEO) gets the business firm to be exposed to a global consumer base. Anyone looking for information online in the same domain can come across these small business firms as well. To increase visibility online, you don't need the big bucks. You need knowledge to master the vagaries of the search engines.

Now you know the reasons, it would only be a small matter for you to decide whether to try this method or not. But rest assured, this is a tried and tested tactic. There's nothing to lose if you decide to buy your leads from them. Who knows? It might turn out to be the best investment and a solution for your lead generation needs. This is your business we're talking about here. Of course you'd want the best for it.

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